Pedal Steel Guitar Pedal Steel Tabs

Pedal Steel Tabs (Riffs, Scales, & Solos)

Tabs can be a great way to reference musical patterns and learn new playing ideas on the pedal steel guitar. View Tabs…

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C Major Scale

Utilize the major scale on common positions of the fretboard using foot pedals.

Modes of C Major

Use the modes of the C major scale in the open pedal position to play over chord changes.

Minor Pentatonic Scale

Diagrams that display the minor pentatonic scale notes on the E9 fretboard.

Major Pentatonic Scale

Use these diagrams as a reference tool, or memorization aid for your practice and playing.

Major Scale Diagrams

Diagrams that display the major scale notes on the E9 fretboard. Almost all of the keys are provided.

Blues Scale

With tasteful use, the blues scale can go a long ways in many musical styles and playing environments.

Harmonized Scales

Harmonized Thirds

Tabs that display the major scale harmonized in thirds…combine these with harmonized sixths, and single note runs for lots of playing possibilities.

Harmonized Sixths

There’s nothing like the beautiful sound of harmonized sixths played on the pedal steel tabs that display the major scale harmonized in sixths.

Harmonized Sixths (Pockets)

Tabs that display the major scale harmonized in sixths…these pockets or positions on the fretboard are great to utilize when playing.

Harmonized Sixths – Minor Scale & Modes

Having options for playing minor scales or modes in 6ths can be beneficial when playing in minor keys, over chord vamps, and over certain chords in a progression.

Harmonized Sixths – Mixolydian Scale

For blues, rock, jazz, and many other styles, using the Mixolydian scale in the form of harmonized sixths can be a great avenue for musical expression.

Note Charts

E9 Pedal Steel

Note chart for the E9 pedal steel neck. It can help with memorizing note names/positions, locating pockets, learning key signatures, and more.

C6 Pedal Steel

Note chart for the C6 pedal steel neck. Great for diving into single note playing possibilities and runs on the tuning.

Riffs, Fills, & Licks

Thanks for checking out this page, hope it is helpful and makes playing more enjoyable! If you’re interested in diving deeper into playing chords and scales on E9 pedal steel, check out these guides…

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