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Tabs and Chord Charts

Tabs, chord charts, and scale diagrams are a great way to become more mindful of certain approaches to take when playing music on the pedal steel. 

Whether for memorization, learning patterns/positions, or developing certain harmonic and melodic elements, these can be great for practicing or playing pedal steel…

Gear & EFX

Information on amps, volume pedals, bars, effects pedals, and more…

Digital Downloads & EBooks

Many musicians are intrigued and drawn to the pedal steel guitar for its interesting sound. Yet it is renowned among musicians for being a difficult and challenging instrument to play.

However, pedal steel is much easier than it seems if you approach it with certain essentials in mind…

A Hidden Gem: Pedal Steel on Today’s Music Scene

“Pedal steel continues to be popular in demand, spicing up performances and recordings of music on a daily basis, all over the globe. But, even though it is highly desirable, captivating, and fascinating…most people have no idea what it is!

Here’s a closer look into its sound, its rich historical past, artists and bands utilizing it, and of course: why it is a hidden gem waiting to be stumbled upon…”

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The Steel Vibrato

An online pedal steel store…

Pedal steel t-shirts, mugs, posters, & accessories custom designed in Asheville, NC!

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Playing the Pedal Steel

Feel free to browse the website for more info on playing pedal steel guitar. There are lots of tips and information on…

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Pedal Steel Guitar


This site was created to spread knowledge about the pedal steel guitar. Established in 2015, it serves as a resource for learning and discovering more about this captivating instrument. The pedal steel guitar is steeped in history, and simmers with potential. One of the most expressive, yet elusive instruments, it continues to captivate ears around the world on a daily basis. Professional artists (Beck, Robert Plant, Alison Krauss, Jack White, Vince Gill, Ray LaMontagne, and Eric Clapton pop into mind) continue to seek its alluring, evocative sound for their records. However the instrument is hardly known by anyone, even though millions of people hear it daily on albums, radio, or in concert. Why is that? If the secret ingredient to a musical recipe is the pedal steel, it seems that most people enjoy the meal but don’t know exactly what makes it taste so good… It’s the pedal steel.


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