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The Scale Book for E9 Pedal Steel Guitar

Over 1,000 Pages with Tabs and Diagrams

A visual tool to make playing easier and more enjoyable… great for practicing, improvising, and rehearsals for any style of music.

Easy to Use Reference for Practicing

A complete reference that can be used to quickly find scales that you need, without having to search for them.

All Keys, and Intuitively Covers the Fretboard

Great for any musical key or song, and intuitively organized by the keys and positions on the fretboard.

Includes Pockets of Scales

Make use of pockets to traverse the fretboard, just like on guitar. Easier for learning patterns and playing more fluidly along the fretboard.

Pentatonic Scales, All The Modes, Harmonized 3rds & 6ths

Contains almost every type of scale and mode used in most music…plenty of sounds and melodic textures to choose from.

Great for Utilizing Pedal and Lever Positions

Gives you options for playing scales with or without pedals and knee levers…relates all the scales to important positions on the E9 neck.

A handy and easy way to reference scales, positions, and more so that practicing and playing can become more fun and effective.

With the E9 pedal steel, there is limitless potential for using scales and single notes to craft beautiful and inspiring music for listeners…

This book is designed to be a helpful reference as you learn, practice, and memorize scales and positions on the E9 neck.

You can use scales as a vehicle for creating the sounds you’d like to play through the instrument…

Includes BONUS tabs and diagrams…

Harmonized 3rds and 6ths: For almost every string combination along the fretboard!

Pentatonic Scales: All the major and minor pentatonic scales!

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The Scale Book for E9 Pedal Steel Guitar - Pedal Steel Instruction and Lesson
The Scale Book for E9 Pedal Steel Guitar - Pedal Steel Instruction and Lesson

Over 1,000 pages… a handy and easy to use reference.

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