Pedal Steel Guitar Instruction

The Chord Guide for E9 Pedal Steel Guitar

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Designed for efficiency and effectiveness, for less memorization and more playing time. By recognizing patterns, you can begin utilizing the chords immediately in your playing.

Almost Every Chord You’ll Ever Need for E9

Includes the chords used for almost every style of music, and that are frequently used in recording sessions, rehearsals, shows, and jams.

Make Use of Pedal & Lever Combos

Every chord fits nicely into the common positions and pedal/lever combinations that are used for E9 pedal steel.

Example Tabs of Chord Movements

Ideas and examples for moving between chords in a progression, which make use of voice-leading for a more smooth and continuous sound.

Easily Utilize the Nashville Number System

The book naturally uses the Nashville Number System, and you intuitively use it without excessive terminology and jargon.

Great For Any Key and Style of Music

Includes the chords used for countless playing situations and styles of music, which have been utilized by pedal steel players for decades.

Pedal Steel Guitar Lessons (Info, Tips, Advice)

Learn the chords on the E9 neck in a certain way that makes playing simple and enjoyable.

The E9 pedal steel is a marvelous tuning and instrument, and it certainly lends itself well to playing chords…

This simple method will work for any key. Once you memorize the three positions and their chords, you can easily transfer this knowledge to any key instantly…

Includes Bonus Sections…

Examples of Chordal Fluidity

How to efficiently move between various chord types in a position, and make them sound good…take a closer look at making chords flow together within music.

Chord Charts and References

Over a hundred pages of extra chord charts, key references, and more!

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Pedal Steel Guitar Instruction Book
The Chord Guide for E9 Pedal Steel Guitar

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