Pedal Steel Guitar Instruction

200 Country Riffs & Licks for E9 Pedal Steel

Great Sounding and Effective Licks

Add these country licks to your repertoire – have a bag of tricks ready to play at anytime.

Riffs, Licks, & Fills That Simply Work

These licks get straight to the heart of country music – enjoy the style of that classic pedal steel sound.

Playing Over Chord Changes

Great to use in real playing situations, giving you practical ways to play through songs.

Includes Rhythmic Notation

Rhythmic notation makes it easy to phrase the notes… so that they work well over each musical beat.

Great for Classic Country, Alt-Country, & Honky-Tonk Music

Use these instantly for the bandstand, sessions, practicing, and rehearsals…for any type of country music.

Easy to Read Format

Every tab is large and easy to read, in a classic tab format that is intuitive to use.

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