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The Art of Right Hand Technique (for Steel Guitar)

A detailed look at one of the most challenging and mysterious aspects of steel guitar playing: the right hand.

An In-Depth Guide to Picking and Blocking

Demystify right hand technique, and intuitively learn easy and enjoyable ways to develop your right hand technique.

Detailed Graphics, Illustrations, & Practice Exercises

One of the most detailed books ever written for steel guitar right hand technique… Discover exactly how to use your right hand effectively and efficiently.

Picking and Blocking with Finger Picks and Thumb Picks for Steel Guitar

Great for Pedal Steel, Lap Steel, and Console Steel Guitar…

Easily transfer this knowledge to any type of steel guitar without having to change a thing – perfect technique that lasts a lifetime.

Pedal Steel Guitar Amp

A simple, straightforward, and intuitive approach to right hand technique – gain insight on how to efficiently and accurately play notes on steel guitar with info, advice, and tips…

  • Great for any style of picking, this book gives you a deep understanding of the right hand, which is a remarkable playing tool.
  • A creative way to effectively pick and block notes with a depth of expression and dynamics. 

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The Art of Right Hand Technique (for Steel Guitar)

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