Six-String Players Playing Pedal Steel Guitar - Right Hand Blocking

Picking (or Right Hand Blocking) for Six-String Guitar Players

If you are a six-string guitar player, or come from that background, you actually have an advantage when learning right hand blocking, or how to properly pick on pedal steel guitar. It may seem the opposite: like trying to play the pedal steel is like trying to tackle a whole new beast, but really it’s not. A pedal steel guitar is merely an electric guitar that is played horizontally; like laying your electric guitar on your lap, and strumming parallel to the floor. - Pedal Steel Guitar
Looks like a horizontal electric guitar to my eyes!

If you do this fingerstyle, and add a slide to your left hand, you are pretty much playing pedal steel guitar. The only difference is, with pedal steel you add multiple elements to this playing, which occur simultaneously and can be physically challenging.  Also, you must learn to block or mute certain strings that aren’t being picked or played!

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