Pedals and Knee Levers for Pedal Steel

Foot Pedals and Knee Levers

The pedals and knee levers on a pedal steel are perhaps the most distinctive aspects of the instrument itself.  This is where the pedal steel shines…really a pedal steel is like a futuristic guitar, or a guitar on steroids.  Below is more about these pedals and levers, and how they work on pedal steel guitar.

About Foot Pedals & Knee Levers:

How Do The Pedals and Knee Levers on a Pedal Steel Work?


Using the Pedals & Levers:

Tips for Beginners When First Using Pedals and Levers


Practice and Technique:

How to Practice Left Foot Pedal Technique on Pedal Steel Guitar

Emmons Pedal Steel Magnet