Steel Tracks – Pedal Steel Music

Here are some audio clips of my playing, which can help demonstrate pedal steel playing, tips, and technique audibly.  I laid these tracks down in a recording session at my home studio.  Hope you enjoy…

Pedal Bounce                           Rock Pedals                       Blues Runs

Classic Steel Sounds             Minor Runs                      Diminished Runs 

Smooth Sustain                    Slight Staccatto                 Classic Rock

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E9 Neck of Pedal Steel

Pedal Bounce

For some E9 flavor, listen for the B +C pedals on these riffs.  I am skipping around positions while keeping a constant bass root note going on the 8th, 9th, and 10th strings: to widen the voicing and make it speak a little more.

Classic Steel Sounds

The following E9 improv riffs demonstrate that classic steel sound, almost like a celestial-crying floating sound.  These also demonstrate using the volume pedal, in a way that slightly lowers your attack on strings, and then sustains notes for as long as needed.

Smooth Sustain

Let’s keep it smooth on the volume pedal with these next examples: here’s some sustain out the yin-yang.  The pedal steel with its hot output, volume pedal, and bar vibrato can  sustain notes better/longer than many instruments.  Listen to these glissandos, and how many notes can be made from only one “pick” of the strings.

E9 Light Staccatto

Some more E9 action, this time in the 4th, 3rd, and 1st string pocket.  Played slightly staccato for a ‘lil West Coast effect, with horizontal bar movement.

Rock Pedals

Get you get your fuzz pedals out, crank up your tube amp, we can get down and dirty on E9 for sure.

C6 Neck:

Classic Rock

Let’s keep the distortion rolling, this time on the C6 neck– without any pedals.  Almost sounds more like a rock guitar when no pedals are played.

Bluesy Runs

Here are some improvised bluesy runs, played in a similar mindset to Buddy Emmons’   pocket approach.  Played on the C6 neck…

C6 Diminished Runs

Here’s where the fun begins!  These examples start with the drone tracks, to give the dissonant sounds a little more context.

C6 Diminished Runs (Improv)

Minor Runs

Some minor runs (mostly minor pentatonic, and blues scale) on C6 neck. Also played with a similar mindset to Emmons’ pocket approach

Additional pedal steel audio for learning and inspiration…

Pedal Steel Music & Tunes

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