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E9 Pedal Steel Tabs for Modes of C Major: AB Pedal Position

Knowing the major scale modes can be a great help in navigating through chord progressions. Here are tabs for E9 pedal steel that display the modes of the C major scale in the AB pedal position.

Click on an image for an enlarged view! The D symbol lowers that note a half step.


C Ionian

E9 Pedal Steel Tab

D Dorian

E9 Pedal Steel Tab

E Phrygian

E9 Pedal Steel Tab

F Lydian

E9 Pedal Steel Tab

G Mixolydian

E9 Pedal Steel Tab

A Aeolian

E9 Pedal Steel Tab

B Locrian

E9 Pedal Steel Tab

C Major

E9 Pedal Steel Tab

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