Billy Knowles Restoration Work

Billy Knowles does great pedal steel restoration work.  In February of 2014, I purchased this 1998 Emmons LeGrande II from Billy Knowles.  He restored it excellently, to the point where it looked brand new.

Playing a Black Emmons LeGrande II pedal steel guitar at Billy Knowles' shop
(Playing the beautiful LeGrande II for the first time in Billy’s shop)

Hanging out in his shop, with Billy kindly answering my steel questions, was such a great time.  Here are some more pics of this guitar…

Billy Knowles Pedal Steel Restoration
Billy Knowles Pedal Steel Restoration

Thanks Billy!

Casey James and Billy Knowles at shop in Kenansville, NC - with restored Emmons LeGrande II (black)

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