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How To Open Up the E9 Tuning (for Pedal Steel)

Find solutions to the E9 tuning’s enigmas through a deeper study of its lower strings: strings 10 thru 6. Read more…

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Pedal Steel Backing Tracks (Where To Find, Info, Types)

Pedal steel backing tracks can help you gain a better understanding of a song, while providing a convenient way to practice playing over chord changes. Read more…

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Playing Pedal Steel Without Picks

Playing without picks can often provide a better feel and warmer response from the strings. Read more…

Pedal Steel Recording & Mixing the Pedal Steel Guitar

EQ Tips & Tricks for Pedal Steel

Experiment with these tips to better understand the sound of the pedal steel, and how EQing can affect it. Read more…

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Pedal Steel Guitar: Using Finger Picks & Thumb Picks

Finger picks and thumb picks are a great way to affect musical notes in a way that helps give the pedal steel its distinct sound. Read more…

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10 Ways to Use Music Drones (And IMPROVE Your Ear)

Finding creative, fun, and effective ways to practice music is a great way to get the most out of practice sessions, and keep you coming back for more…