Beginner Ideas and Tips for Right Hand Blocking

Things to consider for beginner players:

-Relax your right hand.  If it tenses up and you notice it tense, then breath deep and try to relax it.  Eventually you want it so relaxed, you don’t even notice it is there picking.  This means you are free to think about other things, and is a big step forward.  Your right hand can feel as relaxed as a guitar player’s does playing regular guitar…they aren’t that different really, pedal steel is horizontal and guitar is vertical.

Beginner Ideas for Right Hand Blocking - Nice Hard Shell Pedal Steel Case

-Practice blocking with single notes, two note groupings, and various chord grips.  You should be able to cleanly block when doing any of these things.

Fingerpicks for Pedal Steel in Smiley Face Arrangement

– Does your bar make any unwanted noise moving between frets or positions?  Where is that sound coming from, and how can you stop it?

-Do you ever start your practice session with single string picking exercises (using a metronome)?  How about adding crossover techniques shortly after that?  Now your right hand is more accurately calibrated, so you can focus on bar precision, or pedal work for the rest of the practice session.

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