Bar Control Pedal Steel Guitar - Moving Between Positions, and Stopping at Them

Covering the Intended Strings on a Steel Guitar

A player does not need to cover all 10 strings (12 for universal tunings) of the pedal steel guitar with the bar, at all times.  One can save energy, and maximize efficiency, by only covering the needed strings and string groups that are being played at that time.  For instance, if a player is only playing strings 10, 8, and 6 for a couple of measures, then it is not necessary to have the bar covering strings 4,3,2, and 1 at that time too.  These strings (4,3,2,1) must still be dampened or muted somehow though, whether with the picking hand, or the extra length of the middle finger on the bar hand. A player can cover certain strings in this manner, by moving the bar forwards and backwards in relation to the player’s body.

Covering Intended String Groupings Pedal Steel

Bar Control Techniques Pedal Steel

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Movement Between Positions


Bar Pressure

Keeping the Bar Straight

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