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Cindy Cashdollar – Tonal Personality

Cindy Cashdollar has a tone that combines the beautiful leaves of an autumn day with the peaceful, serene snowflakes of a winter’s snow.  It is timeless, wise, and reflective.  Even though she doesn’t play pedal steel often (lap steel is her go-to for steel), her playing represents C6 in a thoughtful way, and every pedal steel player can respect that.  She is a great steel guitar player.

Her playing is timely, welcoming, engaging, and bold.  She is a warrior, and I enjoy knowing she is on the scene and sparkling in the airwaves.  She was one of the first steel players I ever heard, playing very hip stuff on Ryan Adams & The Cardinals’ Cold Roses.  I was traveling through Europe at the time, and her steel playing undoubtedly left a deep impression in my mind and soul.  It made me want to discover the steel sound.

She’s had a very active career, and continues to do so.  Many greats have sought her accompaniment.  Check out her playing, she is based out of Austin, TX.

Cindy Cashdollar - Steel Guitar - Dobro - Steel Guitarist based in Austin, TX

Cashdollar (cool last name!) recordings to check out. These are affiliate links.

Her work with Asleep at the Wheel (a lot of their recordings from 1993 thru 2001)  She said she had to practice a lot on steel to succeed at this gig earlier in her career!