Making the Switch From Electric Six-String to Pedal Steel Guitar

Switching from Electric Six-String Guitar to Pedal Steel Guitar

If you’re a six-string guitar player and you want to play pedal steel guitar, you can definitely make the switch and eventually master the pedal steel guitar. It will take time, practice, patience, and critical thinking, but if you challenge yourself like you do when learning and practicing six-string guitar, then you can learn how to do it on pedal steel guitar!

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Making the Switch

I was a six-string guitar player when I switched to learning pedal steel guitar! The best part about switching is you can still play the six-string guitar whenever you want, and if anything, you’ll get better at it.  Pedal steel playing can give you new ways and angles of looking at the six-string guitar.  Playing and learning pedal steel has certainly improved my six-string playing, even though I have little time invested in practicing it nowadays.

It is fun though to pick the six-string guitar back up and give it a whirl now and then; it can be more nostalgic in this way, and you can gain a deeper sense of the tradition of the instrument since you’ve been away from it for a while. Your slide playing and intonation will improve on the six-string guitar too after playing pedal steel, even if you don’t consciously realize it!

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