Steel Guitar Encounters

What will woodshedding for thousands of hours on pedal steel get you?  Patience, better chops, and some photos with your heroes.  Welcome to Steel Guitar Encounters!

Billy Cooper and Casey James - Pedal Steel

Billy Cooper was kind enough to show me around his magnificent shop in Orange, VA.  He was gracious in sharing a couple playing tips too.        Billy Cooper’s Steel Guitar Shop

Billy Knowles and Casey James - Pedal Steel Shop

Billy Knowles refurbished this beautiful Emmons LeGrande II (click here to see this work), which remains my primary steel to this day.  A caring man, and a world-class craftsman located in Kenansville, NC.       Steel Guitar East

Steel Guitar Hall of Fame - Joe Wright - Steel Guitar Players

Hanging with Steel Guitar Hall of Famer, Joe Wright.  His technical approach to learning pedal steel helped me immensely in my beginning stages.  Bullseye!       Joe Wright Productions

Deep South Steel Guitar Convention - Steel Guitar Players

Attending a steel guitar convention in the Deep South, with Jack and Rich.  There was some great picking that weekend!

Dickie Betts Fiddle Player

Playing with a world-class fiddler that played with Dickie Betts. He was brilliant, funny, and has an impeccable ear.

Buck Grantham Pedal Steel Guitar - Louisiana

Buck Grantham ripping it at steel guitar show in Deep South.  Looking sharp, with a unique swampy Bayou style/tone in his playing.


Hanging with DogTale in 2010, one of the first groups that I ever played pedal steel with.  It was a unique blend of funk and folk music.

Check out and hear some of my pedal steel playing here!