Rider The Dog - Cool Yawn


This little guy’s got a big heart.  He was in a rough spot early on, so was adopted by a nice fellow in a biker gang.  Yes, Rider gets his name because he literally rode along with some tough guys on cool motorcycles for awhile.  Rider was sneaking off once in a while to see the cute female poodle down the street; he got in a little trouble for this innocent love, so now resides with my sister and her boyfriend.

Rider - Official Mascot of Playpedalsteel.com
He’s quite the cuddler.
Rider A Dog - He Loves The Sun
He loves sunlight!

Pedal Steel Chihuahua - Rider

Rider needs his beauty rest too…
Play Pedal Steel Fan Page
He likes hanging with his sister Bun Bun.

Rider and Bun Bun - Dog and Bunny

Rider on Blankets
He’s a cool nephew to have!

Check out Rider’s older sister – Bun Bun!  She has her own fan page below…

Bun Bun – A Professional Bunny Rabbit Model

Bunny Rabbit on a Leash
You don’t want to miss this…