Richard Saulpaugh

Richard Saulpaugh Pedal Steel Restoration - A luthier, magician, and craftsman.

Great at pedal steel restoration, a luthier, and a cool guy.  Based out of Lewisville, NC with a lake-view from his workshop.  Oh, did I mention he’s my father too?

Check out these beautiful guitars he hand-built…

(Believe it or not, they play/sound as good as they look)

Hand-built semi hollow guitar

Guitar being built   

A beautiful hand-built blue electric guitar, with flaming top

Three custom, hand-built guitars in finished pose side by side.

He spruced up this 8-string double neck lap steel real nicely.  It made it much more enjoyable to play having: hand-made bone nuts, custom copper-shielding in pickup housing, and a nice old deep cleaning. 

Morrell Lap Steel

Pickup Wiring for Guitar - Richard Saulpaugh Pedal Steel Restoration

Morrell Lap Steel - pickup wiring

A Clean Red Morrell Lap Steel without strings

Double Neck Lap Steel - Red Morrell

This pic makes it look like it should be played on a yacht!