Pedal Steel and Music Practice


Practicing pedal steel guitar, or any instrument, can be a very rewarding way to spend your time.  You can improve your playing skills, learn about music and its elements, and best of all Рget closer to speaking the language of the soul: music.

Check out the pages below for music practice tips, tools, materials, and more…

Practice Tips

Pedal Steel Practice Rigs

How to Improve Your Focus

Improve Your Intonation – Practicing Music with Drones

Tapping Your Feet or Toes to Keep Rhythm

Practice Tools

Tools for your Practice Area

Diagrams & Charts

Scale Diagrams for the C6 Neck

Fretboard Diagrams & Note Charts

Instructional Material

Pedal Steel Guitar Instruction Books (High-Quality and Worthwhile)

Steel Guitar History

Books and Literature about Steel Guitar History and Styles

Books that Help with Creativity, Focus, Inspiration, or Thoughtfulness

Books for Artists, Musicians, or Humans

Guitar Instruction Books (that can be Utilized for Pedal Steel Guitar)

Useful Guitar Learning Material

Listening or Jamming

Classic Songs that were Recorded with Pedal Steel Guitar

Hip, Cool Steel Guitar Recordings Worth Checking Out

Incredible Slide Guitar Recordings, Songs, Albums