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Here’s more information about pedal steel guitars in today’s market.  Finding an instrument is a fun part of adventuring into pedal steel, and learning where to look is a good starting point!

Brands, Manufacturers, and Builders
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Brands, Manufacturers, and Builders


Made in Colorado, these pedal steels are very popular among the modern players.  They are in-demand and are being played by many players.   Website


I think these are some of the most beautifully made pedal steels nowadays.  One of my favorite players, Greg Leisz, often utilizes his Williams on-stage and in the studio.   Website


These are popular for their lightweight, flexibility, and tone.  A popular modern choice among players looking for a good value.   Website


I respect this brand because Joe Wright plays a very neat, custom-made Sierra that looks and sounds incredible.  I enjoy how their website features many videos demonstrating steel guitar techniques and ideas, mostly Joe Wright demonstrating them himself.   Website


Known for its strong alliance and foundation with Maurice Anderson, these pedal steels have a good reputation.  I enjoy Maurice’s intuitive insights into learning and playing the instrument.   Website


Many famous and respectable professional players use ZumSteel guitars.  They have a good reputation, and sound great in the hands of a good player.  I like their classic looks in design.   Website


A modern-day favorite in many pedal steel circles, including the sacred steel world.  They have a cool look to them, the fretboards are distinguishable.   Website


Made in Japan, these steel guitars are strikingly beautiful, and the attention to detail is evident.  They are beautiful mechanically, and light for having such good sound.   Website

Professional Restoration

Billy Knowles

A stand-up guy, who does incredible work out of Kenansville, NC.  He restored my main axe, a beautiful ’96 Emmons LeGrande II from the Strayhorn Era.  Check out my visit with him here.  Professionals seek him out for trustful, solid, immaculate work.  He cares deeply about pedal steel guitar and the workmanship behind them.   Website

Richard Saulpaugh

Based out of Lewisville, NC with a nice workshop with a lake-view.  He does great restoration, and his hand-built six-string guitars are beautiful and one-of-a-kind.  He has a great attention to detail, which is evident in his work.   Website

Pedal Steel and Lap Steel Restoration

Pedal Steel Shops

Billy Cooper’s

If you are ever in Virginia, do yourself a favor and check out Billy Cooper’s store.  It is a steel guitar specialty store, and just walking in it will make you never want to leave.  There are many steel guitars, on the store floor, ready to be played and enjoyed.  One of the few stores in the world that feature an extensive selection of instruments that are playable and ready-to-go.  Billy is a very nice, caring individual on top of this.   Website

Billy Cooper's Steel Guitar Store