Pedal Steel Guitar - Carter Starter for Beginners


Accompanying singer-songwriters is an essence of Casey’s playing. He adds subtle phrases, textures, and harmonies to the song… keeping in mind to accentuate the vocals and not draw away from them.

Years of experience accompanying songwriters has given him an ability to complement and improvise to songs, even if he is playing them for the first time. He can often be found playing songwriter events, acting as the sole accompaniment instrument for the artists on-stage.

As a means of adding more shimmer and force to their music, singer-songwriters will utilize Casey’s pedal steel in a duo setting, instead of hiring a full band. His playing holds an ability to instantly fit right into the song and music…using his ear and experience to quickly connect to the music, lyrics, and emotions of songs.

Casey connects with the soul and heart of the music, and takes his cues from the emotion and passion of the songs. His pedal steel can add a sentimental, heartfelt, haunting sound to the music and its affects.

If you’re a singer-songwriter that wants to evoke more out of their songs, then Casey’s pedal steel is a great tincture.  Click here for contact info.

Click here for more samples of Casey’s pedal steel playing!