Big Sounding Chords for the C6 Neck

There’s nothing like a nice, full, big-sounding chord that is played on the C6 neck:  Combine with sustain from the volume pedal, some reverb, and a touch of vibrato and you’ve got the ingredients for some killer chordal recipes.

Below is a diagram for some big sounding chords on the C6 neck…


These all have their root notes on the 10th string (7th string as well), allowing a player to move up and down the fretboard to change chords within a progression.  I have included the Nashville numbering system for these chords to help a player better understand how these chords relate to each other.

To pick these, I suggest using the thumb for the 10th string, and the index and middle fingers to grab notes on the other strings: better yet, hit the 10th string note first, then use the thumb to pick strings 7-5, and the index and middle fingers for strings 4&3.

Experiment with these chord voicings, and enjoy the benefits of the C6’s frequency range.  These voicings can sound like an organ or keyboard, and can really add some sizzle to a tune!

Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

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